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Comment: hi, just wanted to let you...

anneanne started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "free money to help pay bills"

hi, just wanted to let you know that I have received donations on some other sites like amilies/ and also The first site was better I think, I was able to raise $200.00 in funds from there. Also please be aware that the stupid scammers that keep contacting people on digital charity have new scams now where they say they will pay with paypal to you and then want you to send some to someone else. I also got an email saying some lady had a house i could stay in for free if I cashed checks for her. I dont want anyone to fall for those scams and get in trouble. good luck and please let me know if you find any other good sites where I can get real help!The first site helped me the most so far, I had a response in a few minutes after I visited their site. Please let me know if you have found any other great sites. if you use the first site let the lady know what city and state you are in and she will help right away
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I have my own site cefulliving and what I can say is, freewebs does NOT cost anything to run. In my website, I fully tell about myself, and basically that I'm in need. I have several donation buttons set up for anyone who could make a donation to help me make a living, get back on my feet in return for me providing a site of resources, much like here. Resources to all sorts of different needs both national and local. I also have a guestbook (which no one has signed yet, so PLEASE stop by!) as well as a forum where those in need can just converse, offer each other support, information, encouragement, and such. Also where people can post if/when & what they can help with, as well as a topic for those in need to list their needs. Then I have links to my other sites as well. But my site is legit & I have my personal pics up, my email & explain my situation, and the general area in which I live, so CHECK IT OUT. Unfortunately, I have not had anyone of the hundred & some visitors even sign my guestbook or post in my forum, let alone make a donation. It's tough out there & what's sad is the scammers out there in internet land make it impossible for the real people in need to get real help. As far as freewebs helping the needy, they're asking for $$$ up front to run the site that cost nothing, so I'd be very leary too. I was/am hoping to eventually..some day to be able to straighten my own life out, and in addition make a living helping others with my sites, but I have to make real money, and so far not a penny, but I would luv to get to that point in the future. I just hope I make it & survive until that happens. Bills, medications & other problems & needs don't wait or delay, they just are. JMO
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Lady Christie

I have looked at the freewebs site helping needy families and I am a bit uneasy about them asking people to pay $2.99 to recieve help. They don't have any information about them that I could see, I don't know but my gut says something doesn't seem right.

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thanks, I just tried it, finally figured it out some people have been sending me some more good links for help and that will help for me to post them,some seem like great sites

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Lady Christie

never mind

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help with bills etc gneedyfamilies/
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thanks for posting the correction, i am not the greatest with typing

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Lady Christie

there was a space in the address when it was pasted gneedyfamilies/

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there is no amilies/ please give the correct website.

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